Best Vacuum Cleaners


Choosing the right vacuum is not easy as it sounds. We all need a guide to pick the best of the best, whether it is an upright one,cordless,bagless ,shop vac or a robotic vacuum.

For every floor comes a suitable vacuum.To help you started before you make your next purchase, we have taken into consideration some of the key factors to consider before buying a vacuum for your home.

Upright vacuum cleaners are best for covering large rooms this is due to their upright position.They are also best for carpets and removing pet hair.

Bagless vacuum cleaners are cost effective since you don’t have to buy replacement bags.

If you are considering budget ,then this vacuums under $100 can be very effective and durable. While else there are highly priced vacuums but buying a high quality vacuum under $200 will also save you a handful couple of dollars.

Choosing Vacuum By Floor Type

Often, a car vacuum won’t work best as a laminate floor vacuum or a stairs vacuum. Thus, you need a vacuum that suits your floor.

Best laminate Floor Vacuums should have a high suction power to ensure every dirt is picked up. Laminate floor vacuums should be lightweight to enhance their movement in the cleaning areas.

On the other hand we recommend handheld vacuums for the purpose of car detailing.

Do You Need a Cheap Vacuum?

The answer to this question is a ‘Yes’. A decent with advanced features will cost anywhere below $100 and below $200.Though they are cost effective,they deliver their mandate; ensuring you get that shinny,strong and durable floor.

Who Needs a Laminate Floor Vacuum?

Laminate flooring was invented 35 years ago by Pergo.Laminate flooring is becoming more popular because of its installation and mainteinance is easier. It also costs less and a cheap vacuum under $100 or under $200 will match it.

However, the main challenge of  laminate flooring is keeping it clean from dust ,dirt or sand particle which may scratch the floor.For this purpose you need the best laminate floor vacuum.These vacuums are specifically designed for laminate floors.You can get assured they will be of great help to your floor.

Choosing a Vinyl Floor Vacuum

If you are looking for a durable and most affordable type of flooring then look no more than vinyl flooring.This type of flooring is a strong resistant though you will need a vacuum that will perfectly clean stains and dirt that are stubbon.Whether for commercial or residential purposes you will definitely need the best vacuum for vinyl floors.

Who needs a Shop Vac? Do you need one?

It is also known as wet/dry vac.These vacuums can be used either for house or commercial purposes such as construction sites and woodworking shops.They are ideal for picking up small dust particles and debris of various sizes.They are portable due to their small sizes.With the best small shop vacs you are assured of greater suction on liquid,food spills,debris.They high come recommended.

What makes a good floor fan?

Also known as air circulators are a must for every home. They are the ultimate cooling solutions for most of homes.We recommend this best floor fans that will being a cooling effect at your house, your bedroom or your sitting room.They come in varieties such as tower fans,desk fans, Centrifugal fans or freestanding floor fans.

Does Vacuuming Stairs Make Sense

Most people dislike vacuuming their stairs, but what sense what it make when you vacuum all your apartment and leave the stairs? Canister is high recommended for this purpose. However, with the best vacuum for stairs, you are guaranteed of thorough cleaning or the stairs even for the carpeted ones.Finding the most suitable vacuum for this purpose can be a bit tricky but worry no more. These are the best in the market.

The Best Practices of car vacuuming

Many people refer this as car detailing. To achieve that great interior look, you will the right and best car vacuums. A standard vacuum may not deliver the much need cleaning of car’s interior. Consider buying the best car vacuums built for the purpose of car cleaning especially the hard-reach areas. Why waste your money going to a car wash? Grab the right car vacuum and save more.

Vaccums for Pet Hair

They play a lot; they have no specific play ground; whether it is on your carpet, stairs and all the way to your bedroom. As they enjoy their precious moments, they may leave fur behind and pet hair gets stuck in your furniture, carpet and beddings.

Worry less, with the advanced technology there are pet hair vacuums that will do an excellent job on this mess. This pet hair vacuums have incredibly high suction power that leaves no pet hair behind. Pet hair vacuums are the best solutions for cleaning fur.


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